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vSphere 6.7 released // What´s new


Yesterday VMware released the latest version of vSphere 6.7. This new version comes with more innovative and improved features in all fields.

here a summarize of useful links with the improvements and incremental changes in this version:

Introducing VMWare vSphere 6.7 : (Himanshu Singh)

vSphere 6.7 delivers key capabilities to enable IT organizations address the following notable trends that are putting new demands on their IT infrastructure:

  • Explosive growth in quantity and variety of applications, from business critical apps to new intelligent workloads.
  • Rapid growth of hybrid cloud environments and use cases.
  • On-premises data centers growing and expanding globally, including at the Edge.
  • Security of infrastructure and applications attaining paramount importance.

Introducing vCenter Server 6.7 : (Emad Younis)

the vCenter Server Appliance is now the default deployment. This release is full of new enhancements for the vCenter Server Appliance in all areas. Now customers have more tooling to help with monitoring. The vSphere Client (HTML5) is full of new workflows and closer to feature parity. The vCenter Server Appliance architecture is moving to a simpler deployment model. Did I mention the built-in File-Based backup now includes a scheduler? And the vCenter Server Appliance UI is sporting the Clarity theme? These are only a few of the new enhancements in the vCenter Server Appliance 6.7. This blog post will go into more details of the enhancements mentioned above and more.

vSphere 6.7 //Lifecycle Management: (Eric Gray)

VMware vSphere 6.7 includes several improvements that accelerate the host life cycle management experience to save administrators valuable time.

vSphere with operations Management 6.7 : (Kyle Ruddy)

It’s the time again, release time! vSphere with Operations Management 6.7 has some fantastic additions in store. From a new plugin for the vSphere Client, to new dashboards, to a brand-new capacity engine, this is the version to upgrade to!

vSphere 6.7 Security : (Mike Foley)

  • TPM 2.0 Support for ESXi
  • virtual TPM 2.0 for VMs
  • Support for Microsoft virtualization based security
  • UI Updates

vSAN 6.7 (John Nicholson)

vSAN 6.7 is here! This release offers features and capabilities that enable improved performance, usability and consistency. Significant improvements to the management and monitoring tools are also matched by lower level performance and application consistency improvements.

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