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VMWare vExpert 2018 , I´m in



As every year, VMware has published on Friday 9, the list of vExpert 2018. For this year there are 1525 vExpert in the world and 47 in Germany.

i´m very proud to have been selected to join the program this year. It is an honor to be amongst such an awesome bunch of people constantly contributing to the VMware community.

What is the vExpert programm:

“The VMware vExpert program is VMware’s global evangelism and advocacy program. The program is designed to put VMware’s marketing resources towards your advocacy efforts. Promotion of your articles, exposure at our global events, co-op advertising, traffic analysis, and early access to beta programs and VMware’s roadmap.

Each year, we bring together in the vExpert Program the people who have made some of the most important contributions to the VMware community. These are the bloggers, book authors, VMUG leaders, speakers, tool builders, community leaders and general enthusiasts. They work as IT admins and architects for VMware customers, they act as trusted advisors and implementors for VMware partners or as independent consultants, and some work for VMware itself. All of them have the passion and enthusiasm for technology and applying technology to solve problems. They have contributed to the success of us all by sharing their knowledge and expertise over their days, nights, and weekends.

vExperts who participate in the program have access to private betas, free licenses, early access briefings, exclusive events, free access to VMworld conference materials online, exclusive vExpert parties at VMworld and other opportunities to interact with VMware product teams. They also get access to a private community and networking opportunities.” Corey Romero

Congratulation to all the vExpert in the World and specially the german community, Well done:

Tim Arenz Germany
Adrian Begg Germany
Sascha Bitzer Germany
Timm Brochhaus Germany
Bjoern Brundert Germany
Sebti Debbeche Germany
Daniel Dietrich Germany
Thomas Drilling Germany
Alexander Ganser Germany
Markus Gehm Germany
Markus Gommel Germany
Florian Grehl Germany
Patrick Haefner Germany
Guido Hagemann Germany
Ulli Hankeln Germany
Fred Hantelmann Germany
Jens Hennig Germany
Marc Huppert Germany
Jens Klasen Germany
Markus Kraus Germany
Henry Langner Germany
Fabian Lenz Germany
Joerg Lew Germany
Saša Mašić Germany
Andreas Neufert Germany
Luciano Patrao Germany
Andreas Peetz Germany
Andre Pett Germany
Stefan Renner Germany
Mario Rielaender Germany
Joerg Riether Germany
Christian Rudolph Germany
Yves Sandfort Germany
Tim Scheppeit Germany
Marcus Schoen Germany
Michael Schroeder Germany
Mike Schubert Germany
Patrick Schulz Germany
Daniel Simelka Germany
Guido Soeldner Germany
Dr. Jens Soeldner Germany
Christian Strijbos Germany
Robert Szymczak Germany
Patrick Terlisten Germany
Alexander Thoma Germany
Alexander Walden Germany
Bertram Woehrmann Germany


Big Thanks to my business colleagues for constantly supporting me.

be sociable, vurIT 😉