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Usefull GPOs Horizon View // Clipboard-USB and Drive Redirection


All VDI administrators know the problem of passing through different devices and / or text and images from client OS into the VDI machine. I want to share with you a few simple group policies that allow you to control the redirection of devices and clipboard.

first you should download the dedicated View GPO Bundle from myVMware and import the ADM templates to your group policy editor


you will see a similar integration in your editor


  • Configure Clipboard redirection (Blast or PCoIP)

Determines the direction in which clipboard redirection is allowed. You can select one of these values:

-Disabled in both directions
-Enabled in both directions
-Enabled client to server only (That is, allow copy and paste only from the client system to the View desktop.)
-Enabled server to client only (That is, allow copy and paste only from the View desktop to the client system.)

This setting applies to the server (View desktop) only.

When this setting is disabled or not configured, the default value is ‘Enabled client to server only’.



  • Enable / Disable redirect local drives

Determines if local disk drives are automatically redirected when clients connect to the remote computer.

this GPO is a User configuration

User Configuration –> administrative templates–>VMware Horizon Client Configuration–>RDP Settings


  • Automatically connect USB

Automatically connects USB devices when they are plugged in to the host to the desktop with which the user is currently working.

Automatically connects all available USB devices on the host to a desktop when that desktop is launched.



  • USB Configurations

You can configure USB policies for both the remote desktop (View Agent) and Horizon Client. These policies specify whether the client device should split composite USB devices into separate components for redirection. You can split devices to restrict the types of USB devices that the client makes available for redirection, and to make View Agent prevent certain USB devices from being forwarded from a client computer.

for example: Exclude USB device Family from being forwarded


in order to those functions working correctly don’t forget to reboot the virtual machine.


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