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Upgrade VCSA 6.0 to 6.5


With the last year released vSphere 6.5 VMWare provides new high availability features and optimized the scalability and performance of the vCenter appliance to surpass the classic windows installation.

i wrote last year two interesting post about the new features of vSphere 6.5 and how to migrate the vCenter 6.0 from windows to VCSA 6.5 .

Today we will make a simple upgrade from vCSA 6.0 u2 to vCSA 6.5

before starting please:

  • note that your old vCenter appliance will be shut down during the installation, but not deleted.
  • create a snapshot of your old appliance.

let´s start 🙂

go to my.vmware.com and download the ISO File of the new vCenter Server Appliance 6.5

mount the ISO and start the Installer located in this path



choose from the Wizard Menu “Upgrade”


As by a new installation or migrate from a windows version, the upgrade is a two stage process: Deploy and Upgrade

Click Next


Accept the EULA and click Next

provide the existing VCSA FQDN or IP and your SSO username and password.

Define the host or the vCenter that manage the actual appliance


Accept the certificate warning



provide the credentials of the ESXi host where the new VCSA will be installed



Accept again the warning of the host


specify a VM name and a root password for the new VCSA



for my environment i will go to choose Tiny deployment




choose the appropriate LUN where to install the VCSA



configure the Network setting. Note that the new VCSA need a temporary IP for the installation. During the Migration and after shut down the source VCSA the old IP address will be also transferred to the target appliance.

Review the configuration and click Finish


The new appliance will be now installed


once the deployment is finish click continue to start with stage 2


in Stage 2 the old data and configuration made in source VCSA will be migrated to the new appliance.



Click Next to run the Pre Upgrade Check



Oh! no Panic

if you are facing the same issue you should only enable SSH on your source VCSA to allow the connection to it via Port 22


connect to your old VCSA and go to troubleshooting Mode Option and enable SSH


re Run the Check and it will work fine


choose the data you want to migrate and click Next



Click Next



Review the settings and click Finish to start the migration



confirm the warning



the Migration will start



once finish you can connect to the new interface either with Flash (WebClient) or with the new HTML5 vSphere Client





That´s it 😉



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