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Update VCSA 6.5 to 6.5d from the CD-ROM


After the last released patch, last month of the vCenter server appliance VCSA 6.5 many VMware customers will want to update their appliance to fix the known bugs on vSAN 6.6 and benefit from the new features.

vCenter Server 6.5.0d Release Notes

There are 3 ways to update the vCSA: from a zipped Update Bundle, from a VMWare Repository or using the CD-Drive of the virtual machine.  Today i will show you how to update using the ISO Patch file mapped to the CD-Drive.

first download the VC Patch file from : https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/patch#search

Map the ISO File to CD Drive of the VCSA virtual machine.

Login to your VCSA Management UI and Check for Updates


check the Update Status

and click Install CDROM Updates

accept the EULA


Click Install. The update will begin



Once finish, click Ok

the VCSA will reboot



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