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Staging update fail with ErrorCode 15 on ESXi 6.0 // IBM Custom Image


today, i ran again in the known issue when the bootbank of the esxi run out of space. So i will share with you the steps to resolve this failure.

The issue seems to be happening only for IBM Servers installed using custom images. IBM stuffed the image a little more than needed.

“ERROR: The host returns esxupdate error code:15. The package manager transactions is not successful. Check the update Manager log files and esxupdate.log files for more details”

in the /var/log/esxupdate of the affected esxi you see entries similar to

“ERROR: The pending transaction requires 239 MB free space, however the maximum supported size is 239 MB.”


the IBM custom image (the issue occur also for other third-party images) is bigger than the defined maximum bootbank size and additionally extra VIBs are installed to the base image.

till now still no resolution for this issue and you can only workaround it to resolve

for this refer please to the following steps:

  • put the host in maintenance mode
  • login to the affected ESXi using SSH
  • list the already installed VIBs

“esxcli software list vib”



  • remove one of the not needed VIBs. in my case as I don’t use QLogic drivers I will remove this vib: qlogic-cna-provider

“esxcli software vib remove –vibname=qlogic-cna-provider”


staging update will work fine now.

more details you can find in the related VMWare Knowledge base  article 2144200

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