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How to Upgrade vRealize Operations to 6.5


VMWare released the new version of vRealize Operations 6.5 on 2nd of March 2017, including new features and improvements.

With this release VMWare deprecated the windows based vRealize Operation Manger. The last supported version was 6.4. Deploying new vRealize Operations in only supported as virtual appliance and RHEL installation package. Although the RHEL-based installation option is fully supported in vRealize Operations Manager 6.5, VMWare will be deprecating this support. The future availability of the RHEL options is not guaranteed.

What´s new in vROPs 6.5:

  • New security patches applied.
  • Automatic upgrade of Endpoint Agents.
  • Fully integration with Loginsight
  • Directly access to vRealize Business for Cloud within vREalize Operations Manager
  • REmove of the scale limitation from Predictive DRS
  • vRealize 6.5 includes the compliance alerts for vSphere Hardening Guide versions 6.0 and 6.5


The upgrade from earlier version can be done directly and in one step. Only upgrade from 6.0 and 6.1 should be done in 2 Steps. First upgrade to 6.2, 6.3 or 6.4 and than to 6.5.

before starting with the update take please a snapshot of your running nodes.

download the upgrade PAK file from VMWare and login to your Admin interface.

Go to Software Update –> Install a Software Update

The Update Wizard start. Browse to the PAK file and click Upload

you can choose either you maintain your customized alerts, policy and dashboards or you reset all the changes to the default values by checking the Reset box.

Accept the EULA

Next (don´t forget to take a snapshot of your running vRealize operations Manager)

Click Install to start the Update

during the Installation your appliance will be restarted and you will lose the connectivity to the UI. Your Browser will be refreshed automatically when the node is back online.


Once finish log in and click Ok to accept or decline the CEIP program.

Now you see on your Home panel the new integration of LogInsight and Business Management.

to configure Log Insight go to Administration and configure the VMWare vRealize Log Insight Adapter in  Solutions


That´s it, vurIT 😉



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