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How to upgrade vRealize Operation Manager from 6.2 to 6.4


vRealize Operation Manager is a Monitoring tool from the vRealize Suite help you to proactively identify and solve issues in your virtual environment.

Upgrading or patching vRops is a very simple action but before we start, let we see what are the new improvements coming with the new version 6.4.

  • vROps introduces a brand new Home dashboard, which is also the new default landing dashboard for users.
  • a new DRS dashboard: overview the clusters available within vROps and display information about them.
  • The ability to separately visualize workloads
  • Access to perform the Rebalance Container action directly from the Dashboard.
  • Combined Configuration of vCenter and Action adapter.
  • One Button Ease of Enabling or Disabling Actions.
  • New CaSA Public REST API Interface.
  • Added Support for the vSphere 6.0 Hardening Guide.
  • Log Insight management Pack pre-installed.

for all other needed information about System requirements, installing and updating vROps and the known Issues in the new Release  please consult the Release Notes

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Please note: if you are upgrading an older version of vROps like 6.0 or 6.1 you should use atwo-step upgrade. First upgrade to 6.3 and then to 6.4. In my case i have 6.2 so i can make a direct upgarde to 6.4.

let we start 😉

the Upgrade of the vROps appliance is based on two steps, Upgrade of the OS and Upgrade of the application. For this you need the following PAKs:

  • vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS- 
  • vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA- 

Please before performing the upgrade, take a snapshot of your VMs (all Nodes: Master , Data and Replica if you have).

Login in your Admin UI

take your Master node offline

Give a reason and Click Ok

wait till the Cluster Status change to offline


go to Software Update and click on Install a software Update.

browse to the first PAK : OS upgrade and click Upload

Click Next


Accept the EULA



Click Next (don’t forget to take a snapshot of your Master Node VM)



Click Install



The Upgrade is starting



during the OS Upgrade the appliance will restart automatically



once finish, we can now start the application update.

Browse to the second PAK and check Reset Default Content to update all the vRops components. If you have special content like reports, dashboards or widgets, clone or backup this content before you proceed.

Click Upload



Check “I understand….” and confirm with OK




Accept the EULA



Click Next


Click Install


Confirm and proceed



Wait till the Upgrade is completed and your Node is running.



Finish. Taht´s it, vurIT 😉




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